Bringing Wallpaper Back: Retro Wall Treatment Turns Modern

House Painting in Massachusetts - Exterior Painting in Boston, MA - House Painters MAThere is no doubt that in recent decades, wall-paper has lost a lot of it’s popularity, but industry experts and designers all over the US are now suggesting that wall-paper may be back in style. Around the mid 90’s, wallpaper started playing a more minor role in home décor, mostly being featured in powder rooms and generally being pushed aside in favor of paint which is usually considered the most affordable, and quick method of freshening up a room.

Aside from the affordability and ease of painting over wall-paper, the designs that were featured on the wall-paper we’re all familiar with didn’t lend themselves to a more modern and clean aesthetic, something that has been on the rise in interior decorating recently. Not to mention, some buyers considered picking a wall-paper pattern to be an extremely personal choice, which was problematic for the home’s next owners to remove if it didn’t fit their vision.

But, we’re observing more and more lately that tastes change. Surprisingly, many younger home buyers don’t remember the homes of their grand-parents being covered in striped, floral, or velvet wallpapers. Because of this, they’re gravitating towards wallpaper as a chic and fun update choice. There is no doubt that mid-century modern homes and décor have found their way back into the main stream, and wallpaper has followed suite.

So what has changed? Why are more and more home owners bringing wallpaper back into their living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms? We’ll walk you through a couple of ways in which the wallpaper of today departs from the dated look of your grandmother’s sitting room.

1. They’re easier to hang.
Wallpapers have improved an incredible amount, as a result they’re now easier to hang up and remove without damaging walls. Some are fabricated on a nonwoven substrate, making it easier to hide surface imperfections. Some companies even specialize in peel and stick wallpapers, which are designed to be easily applied, removed and stuck on somewhere else!

2. They’re more eco-friendly.
Green products are more popular than ever, and it’s especially important to younger home owners to use building materials that are sustainably sourced and good for the environment. Many of today’s wall papers are made from materials that are environmentally friendly – like water-based prints that breathe. Some are even made of vinyl, allowing them to be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and withstand the heat and steam without warping or peeling.

Exterior Painting in Massachusetts - Exterior Home Painting in Boston, MA - House Painters MA

3. The patterns are more modern.
When you’re decorating, it’s important to consider resale value. This is one of the main reasons people originally strayed away from using wallpapers. But now, because trends are constantly changing, it is easier than ever to find a clean, modern pattern. Also popular are overscaled geometric patterns – like large scale photo realistic shots of wood slats, or brick.

4. People are finding more creative uses for wallpaper.
Nowadays, wallpaper goes beyond just the four walls of a room. It could be a single accent wall, wrapped around a support beam, or even on the ceiling! Wallpaper placed strategically can expand space, make a room more intimate or hide flaws or problems that have yet to be addressed.

5. The price points vary more than ever.
You can purchase a single roll of wallpaper for under $50 in most hardware stores, but some companies offer customized 8×10 foot murals for somewhere around $500-$1000.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to purchasing and installing wallpaper, it’s a great idea to dip your toe in. You don’t want to go straight to 4 huge walls of a busy pattern. Try a modern and clean pattern, or just a single accent wall in a bedroom or entry hall. If you’re still not sure, or you just want to speak to a professional about your design ideas, call us today at 978-992-8558 or click HERE to set up a consultation! Our incredibly talented staff is ready to take your questions and walk you through the redesign process!