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  • Business License for NH:  762155
  • MASS HIC License: 186729
  • Lead Safe Renovation Contractor License -
    Massachusetts Certification Number for Lighthouse Painting

About Lighthouse Painting Our Mission

Lighthouse Painting is the best painting company because we understand our clients’ needs and use it to produce a high quality result we are all are proud of while consistently communicating with our clients throughout the project.

Who is Lighthouse Painting LLC?
Lighthouse Painting Values

  • We respect all individuals.
  • We strive to deliver a first-class experience.
  • We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our customers.
  • We follow the “Golden Rule”.  (Treat people as you would like to be treated)
  • We practice continuous improvement.
  • We encourage new ideas and promote self-initiative.

The team at Lighthouse Painting brings over 30 years of professional home service and painting experience to your doorstep.  Our communication and professionalism are unmatched and will deliver our best continuously and in a timely manner.  

We deliver what we promise and uphold our expectations.  We are courteous and prompt, valuing your time and recognizing it as a high priority.

Our business thrives when customers are pleased with their experiences.  Our passion at Lighthouse Painting is to continue to build our business one satisfied customer at a time!

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